Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome back to college life.

I got a strong reminder of what it is like to be in college when I got home from my trip from Arizona and I opened up my fridge and there was more cheap beer in there than actual food.

In the morning it did not really matter because I was still hungover (from two nights ago... awesome.) so I could not bring myself to eat anything anyway. Although just looking at the beer made me want to puke. In the afternoon I had to work and I ended up eating the food at my work that they were about to throw in the garbage.

Not only that, I open up my wallet and realized I have two dollars. Thank god my friend invited me out for dinner tomorrow.

I am working on a longer post about my experience in Arizona... It was NOT what I expected at all. And to be honest not that fun. I basically hung out with a bunch of bros all weekend. And when I say bro, I mean big, beefy, and dumb. There is a reason why I don´t have friends like that. However I cannot complain too much because they paid for all of the alcohol (and they don´t drink anything cheap) so when I say alcohol I am talking Crown Royal, one bottle of Jagger three bottles of Patron, and four of Grey Goose. Yikes.

Anyway, more on that tomorrow. I am drowning in homework and reading.

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