Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The land down under... or maybe just Arizona.

So I must say, I am off to a decent start about this blog. It is actually relieving to have this to do at night right before I go to bed. It gives me some mental peace about my life. Also, throughout the day I find myself doodling ideas down for cool blog ideas and what not.

This semester I am taking three English classes and it already has me stressed. On top of that, I am starting the process of writing my honors thesis (which is a WHOLE other post in itself).

This weekend I doubt I will get much online time, Joey (the Australian millionaire, who´s name is NOT actually Joey, but when I was trying come up with nickname for him it was the only Australian word I could think of), bought me a plane ticket to go with my roommate to visit him in Arizona. The whole situation is rather weird, however my friend assures me that he is a gentleman and really nice and doesn´t want me to miss out on a good time just because of money. I have only met him once, and it was via skype, so technically speaking I haven´t actually met him at all.

Our weekend plans include drinking, drinking, drinking, and then some more drinking.

My roommate keeps telling me how excited Joey is to meet me because he thinks I am super cute. I am a little hesitant about this whole thing (and just a smidge annoyed) because I did not exactly get a choice in this matter about going... I was just bought the ticket. Not only that he bought me a first class ticket. The price was $600 dollars. I almost choked. That is like a month and a half of rent. I hate excepting things from other people, I think it was because my mom raised me to believe I "don´t need a man" to provide for me. I felt really awkward telling my parents about the situation I was afraid they would find the whole idea of some rich guy buying me a plane ticket for no particular reason awfully strange.

My dad however thought it was a fantastic idea. He informed me I will never get another opportunity like this again. Because he sure as hell was never going to buy me a gift like that.

I then told my guy friend, who I expected would scold me or give me a talking to about this whole thing sounded like a booty call, but no, he´s response was "You are going to be a writer. Writer´s don´t make money. Plus you won´t be beautiful forever. Might as well enjoy it while you can." Thanks bud. Words of wisdom.

I think I am just conflicted about how I am going to react when I get there. A millionaire bought me a ticket to go visit him. He is not bad looking, Australian, and thinks I am cute.

This can either be a very good thing, or a very awkward one.

I think I am partly just stressed about how insane this semester has gotten already (and its only the second week). And my roommate is one of those people that goes to college, but always seems to end up in the classes that don´t require that much work. I am one of those people in the opposite predicament.

However at the same time I could really use a break before things get to ridiculously crazy.

Anyway, awkward or not, Arizona, Here I Come.

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  1. Hm. Good luck with the trip! I hope he doesn't turn out to be a crazy guy.

    (Somehow, I thought of the name Bruce.)

    -French Bean