Monday, September 27, 2010

Living in the Library... the black hole of my life.

I have been sitting in my Universities library for over six hours. I feel almost dizzy with the amount of book shelves that surrond me.

Even my eyeballs feel exhausted.

The library is my alternate universe. It is the black hole in time. I have been sitting here for hours, and it almost feels like time has not budged. It´s one climate and always bright. Its like time does not move here.

I am so tired my eye balls hurt. I apologize if this post does not make sense... It is the murmurings of an exhausted brain.

I am trapped in a cubicle. A human being is not meant to be concentrated for this long. Best part about it? I am not even studying for an exam. I do not even have an exam. Just projects and writing portfolios. At this point, I would prefer a big fatty midterm exam than a mid term project. With an exam, at least you have a limited amount of things to study, with a project one can work on it forever.. forever trying to better it.

And on top of everything my Ex Boyfriend I will nickname Poland is being a stage five clinger. And has decided he wants to get back together with me. After a year of not speaking. I hate boys. They are such A-holes.

And on top of that lovely detail, my best friend Sober (the one going through drug and alcohol treatment.. in the middle of a college town) had a freak out relapse and chugged a Costco size bottle of Listerine. I spent Friday night in the ER with her waiting on test results to make sure she wasn´t going to die.

If what she did wasn´t just so pathetic I would have killed her.

I am exhausted. And it´s Monday. My Sunday had already felt like my Monday considering I woke up at 8 to go to my first job then straight to my second job, then got home at 9 pm. Shoot. Me.

I just want to lay on the floor in the middle of the library right now and take a cat nap.

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