Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome to my life.

This blog is about me, my life, my social and cultural confusion as I try and come to terms with myself and the world around me. You will hear about a sense of racial identity I struggle with (to be honest I am white, and wish I were anything but it). You will hear about the stupid social drama that seems to follow me (or maybe I attract it.. who knows.) My struggles as I try and integrate myself back into my life here, here as in my University (and I will not say which one).

Need to know details about me.
I am an inner city kid, born and raised in a big city in the west coast.
I go to a huge public state funded university. And our football team is terrible.
I just got home from a year abroad in Chile.
Just broke up with my Chilean boyfriend (who I started dating almost immediately after Big and I broke up, and I started dating Big shortly after I broke up with my high school sweetheart of three years.) Doing the relationship math 3 years + 1 and half + nearly 10 months… a non single girl for nearly 5 years.
It is my mission for this next year is to avoid relationships. Boyfriends are my weakness, and I don’t remember how to be single so some can say I may lack some self confidence and am dependent upon other people, aka boyfriends, to make me feel good about myself. I would rather put it as me liking companionship rather than being needy.
I want to be a Maneater, Heart Breaker, an emotionally detached somewhat of a skank.

So basically I have arrived at a time in my life where I have a cultural and social crisis, and all I want to do is behave badly. This is my personal version of the Bad Girls Club and Jersey Shore. Put too many girls in one place it is like putting too many rats in a cage, they start to eat each other. My university, like reality TV shows encourages drama and bad behavior induced from consuming too much alcohol. This blog is my confession booth from the chaos of the TV show that is my life. My opportunity to offer my narrative on the crazy events that occur everyday from just living here.

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