Sunday, August 29, 2010

365 days. 365 posts.

So I had to watch Julie and Julia for my Spanish class (..don´t ask me, I don’t get the connection either), and it was about a woman, who was about to turn thirty with a failed writing career that decided to start a blog about cooking.  She made a goal of cooking everything in a cookbook and then blogging about her experiences.  She had one year, and something like 500 recipes to follow.  Obviously I will not be blogging about cooking, because I absolutely despise it, and find it more stressful to make eggs on the stove than how some people find studying or school work stressful.  (Alright crappy comparison… Bear with me, this is my first post).
In the movie, this goal stresses her out beyond belief and she ends up putting strain on herself, her husband and every other aspect of her personal life.  However as she kept writing success slowly started to come to her.  People started reading her blog, she had followers, or even fans, rooting her on by sending her sauces and gifts to help her out with her cooking.  Slowly, through her blog she got recognized, giving her the self affirmination she was lacking.

I was able to find several parallels from her life to mine… actually we really have hardly anything in common in reality except the drive to write, the need for self affirmination and the drive to be successful in writing.

That is what gave me my own drive to make a goal, and through thick and thin stick to it.
365 days.
365 posts.

Here are my rules:
Everything I post here will be non-fiction, real events, real stories, real life.
The only lying I will do will be protect identities of myself and others.
No one in my “real life” will know about this blog, everyone (if anyone) who reads this will not personally know me.
I will post once a day, if I miss a day I will post twice the next day (two separate subjects.. not the same subject split in two).
My goal is to get readers, people who find my writing interesting.
Things I write will be brutally honest.

This blog is my escape from a cultural bound by its social rules about honestly, and the double standards that come with it.

Obviously at this moment in time I don´t have a main theme like Julie did, or a so called mission, and hell no will I even attempt cooking, however I do want to write and through my words a theme will develop itself.

In terms of my personal life and professional life (and by profession I mean my life as a student), I usually am able to follow through with things.. If I have something forcing me to.  However I lack success in my writing, because I lack personal motivation.  Success in writing comes from dedication (and talent and skill).

So you guys, my invisible and currently non existant readers, are my motivation.  I will post once a day, through thick or thin, through finals week, through crisis, through hangovers (the last one is the one that always gets me).

I am writing through a pen name (that I currently have yet to create), and all the names of people and places will be changed in order to protect my anonominity.  This veil will give me the corage to write honestly about the people I care about and not have to immeadiatly face the social consequences that seem to follow my few works that have been published. Writing, when successful, impacts someone, or something.

Although you don´t know what my name really is or who I am, I promise you, the stories that follow are all true with only minor details put into place to protect the people in my life.  I don´t know if you will find these stories interesting or funny, however that is my goal.  It is not that I find myself or my life incredibly entertaining or funny however weird shit does happen to me and I try and keep my perspective of the world humorous.  Or at least positive.

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  1. I wish you the best of luck with this goal. It will not be easy to do a post a day because life gets in the way (ha, ha).

    -French Bean