Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Catholic Devil Cat.

Last night there was a birthday party for one of DK´s roommates. She lives with 7 other people, 3 cats and a dog. I once lived with three roommates and it was terrible... Everything was always dirty and disgusting (as her house is with so many people and animals). Anyway, the party was a huge rager and of course made the animals go crazy.

This morning they could not find one of the cats.
He eventually was found. In the catholic church down the block.

In the middle of mass he had hopped up on the alter causing the priest to sneeze. (He was allergic to cats). This cat also drank the holy water and snuck into the church kitchen and started eating their food.

A good catholic tried to return the cat by calling the phone on the tag, however DK had lost her phone two nights ago and had to disconnect the number so the woman had to spend the entire day trying to track down DK and eventually found that she was registered to her ex-sorority and brought the cat there, and the house mom had to then call DKs friends to try and track her down.

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