Monday, August 30, 2010

Fat neighbors and paper thin walls just don´t mix.

So I just recently moved into my two bedroom, two floored duplex at my University. The fist thing I noticed is that the building is old. Really, really, old. I would assume that the complex was built in the 60s (the bright orange counter tops and the brown shag carpeting give it away). The building itself looks like a ghetto low income housing complex plucked straight out of Baltimore and placed in the middle of a college town.

Its really quite terrible looking, however the inside of it is well lit, newly painted walls and overall really clean (which is RARE for college housing). I am really pleased in general with it due to all the extra space, tons of windows and awesome location (middle of the neighborhood where almost all the students live). When I first saw it (our apartment is the last, most bottom one in the complex... completely isolated) I thought, Well, at least we won´t have a noise problem. WRONG.

As I said before our apartment is two floors. The first floor is the huge living room with the kitchen. The downstairs is the bathroom, laundry room, and the two bedrooms. The first day I was home alone in my room I thought I heard someone enter the apartment and was walking around in the living room. I called up to my roommate and when I didn´t get a response, I paused and continued to hear footsteps.

I did, as would have most girls, alone in a over sized apartment would do, I armed myself with whatever was most handy (in my case it was a hair dryer) and slowly go upstairs as quietly as I could to look around. As soon as got upstairs I realized that the convincing footsteps were actually coming from the floor above the living, TWO floors up from my bedroom. I laughed at my silliness and went back down stairs to finish unpacking. After living here for one week, the creepy sounds from two floors up are still so loud that they scare me every time I hear them. (I now religiously lock my door immediately after coming inside).

I just obliviously blamed bad insulation for the reason why the footsteps were so loud. Then I saw my upstairs neighbor. Not kidding, at least 300 pounds. And I was wondering why his footsteps were so loud.

Then yesterday when I was trying to talk on the phone with my best friend from back home I was down in my room and hear this sound like someone was knocking on the door. Really, Really, Forcefully. I go upstairs on the phone and realized there was no one outside. There was a pause in the noise. Then suddenly it got louder and faster.

The pounding was shaking the apartment. Literally shaking the walls. I felt like I was in one of those funny movies were asbestos and dust were about to fall from the ceiling to add to the effect.
Then heard a load moan and groan and it was over. Then loud footsteps to the bathroom.

Overhearing sex is nothing new, after living in the dorms for a year there is nothing surprising that that goes unheard, however it is different when there is a fat man screwing someone so forcefully it shakes the building.

This is going to be a long year. Especially without a boyfriend.

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    I suggest that you invest in some earplugs.

    -French Bean