Sunday, August 29, 2010

My kind-of characters in my not-so-fictional story

Here are the characters in my not-so-fictional story.
Romeo, my Chilean ex boyfriend, however the not-so-ex love of my life. He is called romeo because our relationship was like Romeo and Juliet in the sense that I was so in love with him, yet we were from separate cultures, languages, families, and worlds.

Joey.. (like the Australian term for a baby kangaroo). He is the Australian Millionaire who is best friends with my room mate, and is buying me a ticket to visit him because he thinks I am cute. (okay it sounds a little creepier than it actually is.. I am going with my roommate and one other girl, however he is really excited to meet me apparently…) And lets be honest, me plus alcohol, plus a decent looking boy, with a bomb Australian accent who just so happens to have lots of money, not a good combo.

The Grenade (yes.. like from Jersey Shore). The current “girl of interest” for Big. I have known this girl for years and never had any drama with her before this year, now that she is dating big, and I am back from Chile she feels very threatened and probably talks a lot of shit about me when I am not around. She is not cute. And kind of looks like a man. She is friends with my roommate and is in the same sorority as her.

Frizzle, the girl, who, no matter what I do, will always hate me. She can never mind her own business, and she is friends with The Grenade. (She is called frizzle because she literally looks like Miss Frizzle. Not. Kidding.)

Big (that’s right I am borrowing this term from Sex in the City). He is not called this because he is Mr. Big and Important like Big was in Sex and the City. I call him this because my friends all called him Big Poppa due to his enormous size. Big and I are complicated, he is my ex boyfriend of a year and half (we broke up while I was in Chile) and now that I am back at school I see him EVERYWHERE. And we have so many mutual friends in common it is impossible to avoid him. So instead of him being Big Poppa, he is Big and Complicated.

Sober. My best friend who is currently undergoing rehab from drugs and alcohol (she is 21 years old). I will call her that because she will be the sober eyes and ears throughout all of the drunken chaos that surrounds us. She is Big’s roommate, and has no filter and offers her own comic relief for incredibly awkward and bad situations.

Greek, My best bitch, my roommate, friend for life, who is in a sorority, with the Grenade and Frizzle.

Maraca, (that’s Chilean Spanish for skank), She is my best Chilean friend and my sister, twin and soul mate. I am calling her maraca because she completely encoargages my bad behavior. To a very dangerous extent. We caused a lot of problems together when I was in Chile.

Gringa, one of the few Americans I was really good friends with in Chile.

As for my family they will be referred to as Sister Bear, Momma Bear, and Papa Bear. I read a lot of Bernstein Bears when I was little.

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